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Your best friend in this situation is the eject button. Well, park dara fuck you - because the only thing you can do in this mode is try hard. It's not like they have enough terrible planes already. Seems like a very good change.

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Ugly guido planes that easily out-turn Hurricanes and Spitfires, but they only carry rounds of ammunition. You can imagine how fun it was for tankers to lose their expensive vehicles against guided missiles that fired over hills. Wrecks havoc on all other planes.

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Poor matchmaking for tanks War Thunder General Discussions

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Uninstall the game, because you only get three chances. Sometimes, one can earn some Golden Eagles or free planes by doing near-impossible grinding tasks. Please, fix this, or else I will invest my time and money in other games, and belive me, many others will too.

Unless you were lucky to grab this plane in an event, you will never ever get it. Would you fix that problem? That's really all it can do. Playing tanks consists of nothing but having the biggest fucking cannon and lots of luck, i.

But Gaijin wouldn't be Gaijin if they didn't implement some intentionally buggy features to make the Italians more attractive to first-purchase customers a lot of these planes are unbalanced as shit. Impossible to unlock, dueto Japs being absolutely horrendous at everything. Some boats carry big fat cannons, while others just spam small caliber ammo all over the place, creating a weird light show of tracers. The incredibly boring and tedious to play Britfags are the former undisputed gods of fighter planes and the useless tank surgeons of War Thunder.

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This situation needed to be corrected. Then you have even bigger boats that either have big guns, a lot of tiny guns, automatic flak batteries or a combination of all three. The battle rating for this plane is lower than for its original counterpart.

The Russian Tiger with a invisible deflector shield. It's a Tiger I for the Japs, how original. Killing Tigers in one shot is not rewarding enough for you? Also when will you fix quantitative matchmaking?

War thunder matchmaking table

  1. Greater variety of vehicles in battles while maintaining a comfortable balance of power, and in some cases a somewhat faster start to the battle!
  2. Why do you think the Russians had to put a gunner into the back of this version of the plane?
  3. The closer you get to your enemy, the worse your gun penetration becomes.

It's the favorite tactic for taking you out in any tank battle. There have been approximately a dozen moderators at work to hide any evidence of a better game being made outside of Belorussia. The first community-made plane that was put into the game.

Multiple vehicles will greatly benefit from it, while others are not put at a disadvantage. Its moveability was nerfed hard, so it won't ever reach those glory days of mass murder anymore, unfortunately. They combine the debilitating repair costs that Japan is most known for with the complete incompetence that is late German Tanks. You can use a Ki and go against them without breaking a sweat. Piece of shit white brick with a lousy cannon, that has a tendency to just drift sideways whenever you move forward.

Vehicle belongs to war thunder to determine matchmaking png images - ftr-wot. War thunder matchmaking table. They can call artillery, but Medium Tanks can do that too, best headline for so why even bother? Now it's obviously part of the Italian tree. Combine this plane with an I if you're that lucky to own one to easily farm noobs in every single game.

  • Generally used to piss off biplanes by being a indestructible flying sponge.
  • The ship combat itself rides a line between comfy, weird and fucking stupid at times.
  • The potential of the new rules is extensive.
  • Then finally, after what felt like an eternity, they came out with their first destroyer and they've been adding bigger ships ever since, pretending the boat-thing was just chicanery.
  • They're also quite good at downing planes, if you know how to do it.

D ch thu t GiNET - D ch thu t chuy n ng nh t i ch nh b o hi m

Be excellent to each other. Comes with a cannon on the backside to piss off noobs and biplanes. In order to actually gain access to them all, line Gaijin expects you to pay cash for unlock packs or wait a few thousand years until they actually make the tanks available to the public. Wargaming fanboys obviously have no taste in games and Gaijin is an idea-thief to them.

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Wing tactics are covered in its own article. Ambigramm mit Gimp erstellen Publiziert am how much does it cost to hook up to city water indianapolis von nsa dating online. It doesn't doesn't deal any damage, it has almost no ammo, it catches fire instantly and falls apart almost as fast. It's like a backup tank in case you didn't finish your unstoppable murder spree with the other.

This tank is quite lulzy in a way. Planes and tanks are either napkin delusions by Frenchmen drowning their sorrows in their local bar or copypasted from nations that actually fought in the war. Such obsolete tanks were relegated to areas where enemy tank encounters were very rare. Here you're forced into a above the turret view and there are no goddamn markers at all, so it's all sneeky-peeky-like.

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The most basic method to die is being torn asunder by every-fucking-thing honing in onto you, swooping down like an eagle to a ram and tearing you to bits. Gaijin believes players want faster queue times, even to the point where you are giving up a balanced match just to get into said match faster. The problem is, it is unskilled players complaining a lot. Only good for the people who'd like to humiliate their enemies with weak mg fire. The ongoing grinding in this game would have made World of WarCraft gold farmers shit bricks.

Enjoy fighting Korean War jets instead. And even if you actually get shot down, who cares? The commie bastards get their own heavy tank way easier than other nations and it can absolutely wreck every medium tank in a single shot. This had negative aspects for gameplay in these events, because of course our players prefer the most effective vehicles, which nullified the historical balance.

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