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Ubuntu No Driver Support Timestamp

ActionItemProperties Ubuntu. Looking at it suggests that on Ubuntu at least we may simply need to add a udev rule. Here is another test this time Ubuntu desktop.

Ubuntu no driver support timestamp

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You'll have to reinstall the driver for the new kernel. No hardware acceleration makes virtual machines that do not support fallback very difficult to work with.

Graphics - drm No driver support for vblank timestamp query - Ask Ubuntu

Still, since I see this on a physical system when VirtualBox is not running it is most likely a Unity issue rather than a VirtualBox one, pulse driver so you are probably best taking it to Launchpad. There are no drop outs or screen corruption it is just everything is really sluggish.

Driver/Setup Ubuntu 16.04 with vGPU (FirePro S7150) and vmWare

Everything including glxgears is sluggish when it first boots. Once I get direct rendering to work Chromium instead of gallium everything works as it should.

From a user's point of view you may say it's unsupported at the moment. EventOccurrence QtOrganizer. CollectionFilter QtOrganizer.

PerformanceMetrics Ubuntu. This could be because I originally installed the guest additions from the Ubuntu repository.

Just though I would mention it. Email Required, but never shown. Right, the issue should be fixed now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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ObjectNotExistException unity. AmbientTemperatureSensor QtSensors. This ticket seems to discuss a number of issues, many of which should now be fixed. IntersectionFilter QtContacts. StatisticsConfiguration unity.

It's because there is no drm support yet. Community ports are created and supported by passionate volunteers on a best- effort basis and at different degrees of functionality. These are built and supported by Canonical with contributions from the wider Ubuntu community.

drivers - DisplayLink LT and Ubuntu bit - Ask Ubuntu

Devices - supported and reference devices

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AccelerometerReading QtSensors. Small preview window is seen in scrolled state.