Malossi torque driver nuttig

Malossi Torque Driver Review

Malossi torque driver nuttig

This can produce judder and squealing. Originally posted by Freezer Ok, eerlijk gezegt heb ik het gedaan om het zaakje af te krijgen.

Slow speed control may be more problematic with a clutch that has a more positive and immediate biting point Malossi? Originally posted by Sander de torque, zorgt er gewoon voor, dat je een mooie gelijke lijn hebt qua vermogen.

Malossi torque driver review

The Malossi stuff is generally a solution in search of a problem. Malossi torque driver, nuttig? Is dat nou ook echt waar dat je originele fixed met t d van malossi beter is als wanneer je beide van malossi hebt? My searching deviated to scooterwest, drivers permit test tips and I found the listing for the Malossi Torque Driver.


Very informative thread, as I've come to expect. Good examples are the Hemi carbs, special exhaust systems, etc. Blow out the dust, then wipe and degrease everything. Het schijnt te helpen, en ik moet er wel bij zeggen dat me scooter toch erg mooi loopt. Forums New posts Search forums.

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The clutch will be slipping to some extent, especially if some rear brake is applied at the same time for full control at very slow speeds. Bas Administrator Staff member.

538906 MALOSSI crankshaft RHQ plug 16 180 2T LC GILERA RUNNER FXR-SP

There may be a different cam action than the original, but from an engineering background, can't see that it works any different than the original part. Ok, eerlijk gezegt heb ik het gedaan om het zaakje af te krijgen. Just musings - feel free to tear to bits. They often do it in moving traffic, which is totally dangerous, and really makes me angry to see because they are giving the responsible riders a bad name.

Hebben we er allemaal wat aan. The clutch heats up and its biting point becomes erratic. Which is rare because the cagers here don't like bikes filtering, and usually block your way through the queue. Meer mensen ervaringen die ze met mij willen delen? Either some slightly lighter weights, or Dr Pulley sliders, or perhaps the J Costa.

Particularly when you are carrying a pillion. It is more often found on heavier scooters or those with heavier riders. While the take-off is improved with the heavier weights, the engine revs higher for longer when you take off.

So what the heck is this part for? To me, it appears to be a clutch problem not a variator problem. It's also cheaper and faster than replacing the clutch and wing bell. The transmission is one of the key components in a scooter. Op piaggio hoeft geen fixed poeli.

This is when the problems started, so it is directly related to slow riding. Forums Scooters Tuning voor gevorderden. So to balance out the equation, I think installing the Dr Pulley HiT clutch would equalise the friction by not letting the clutch spin so much during the initial revving phase of takeoff.

So for only three days improvement, you can understand that I am looking for a longer term solution. Looking at the diagrams and reading the material, I don't see what the improvement is over the stock part.


Back to the strangled sea-lion. Filter like the rest do, get your laws changed, and get rid of the sealion. The clutch, driven-pulley spring and spiral all need to be matched to the variator, so if using one of these perhaps one would want to add a Malossi variator. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Modern Vespa Malossi Torque Driver - What does it actually do