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It comes down to a matter of strategy, not technique. Perhaps you could use the horizontal fist to weaken your opponent and then throw the vertical fist once his reflexes have slowed. People often have a tendency to drop their guard when throwing a hook. Make sure to never install the mount into drywall. Whenever I throw the hook, I feel a pain in my shoulders.

Step On the Gas How to Throw a Killer Left Hook

Frazier threw all kinds of hooks, tight ones, wide ones, lunging ones. With some financial support from my parents, I enlisted a personal trainer. Support beams are narrow beams that run along the ceiling with spaces between. Many boxers are taught to defend left-right-left-right.

Chatters are uppercuts with fast feet, like you're sprinting in place. This left hook is very different since your left arm will extend out as straight as possible to get more reach towards your opponent. Personally, I like to use a vertical fist for all since it feels good to me.

Keep your chin down always and your head facing forward. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Came here to confirm, without a doubt, word for word from your article. You will miss almost every time because all your opponent has to do is lean back a few inches. The right hand against the southpaw will always be tricky to land because of the angles.

How taking up boxing helped me beat anxiety and regain control of my life

You can hit with either a vertical fist or a horizontal fist. Lie on the floor, legs extended, digging your heels into the ground, elbows bent by sides, fists near chin. This really depends on your height. Throw a pivoting left hook followed by a big right hand. Make sure you plant your feet right after the pivoting left hook so that the right cross does more damage.

Fitness tips boxing for beginners

Want to start throwing hooks like your boxing idols and instantly become a better boxer? As with all techniques in boxing, there are variations. Then, finish it off with shadowboxing combo rounds.

  • Evaluate the security of the bag.
  • Will I get injured when sparring if I have head gear and a mouth guard?
  • The important thing is to have confidence and to throw it without being scared of getting counter-punched.

The bracket of a wall mount is screwed into the wall close to the ceiling. This reduces vibration, and can possibly save your drywall. You can also drop to your knees if this is too challenging.

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If hanging a heavy bag from the ceiling or wall is impossible, there are many free stands available. Drive your left knee up toward your chest as high as you can lift as you punch forward with your right hand. Dig in with your lead foot, planting your feet firmly as you turn your torso towards your opponent. The check hook or leaping hook is used as both an offense initiator and a counter.

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The hook is a very versatile punch that can be thrown behind many other punches such as jabs, crosses, and uppercuts. The important thing is to think of the left hook as more than just a weapon. The faster and more explosive your hooks are, the more power they will carry and the more damage you can do.

  1. Because hooks do so much damage, landing the punch cleanly is crucial to its success.
  2. You can find ceiling joists or support beams by using a stud finder.
  3. In boxing, they say you should never hook with a hooker.
  4. Drive through your right foot to return to standing position.

Hook and Loop vs Lace Up boxing gloves - Boxing News

Sometimes, it stays centered between both feet, and sometimes it shifts to the back foot. The lead hand is by far the most compact and most powerful, algorithms but the rear hand offers diversity in your combinations. Free stands must be weighed down to prevent movement during use. Too bad he got caught by a prime and durable Limon at the end. Keep your left arm locked at a degree angle.

It is wrong to rotate both feet. Bend elbows to lower body toward floor your chest should touch the floor then push body back up to plank. Knock against the wall to double check the placement of the support beam. Anyway it is a good article.

Do you have a basement or work room? Attach the chains to the corners of the bag. In this punch, the boxer rotates on his left foot and swings his body out of the way of the opponent as he throws the left hook.

How to Throw a Left Hook in Boxing 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Only use the left hook for a knockout punch or after a successful combination. Finally, attach the bag to the eyebolt. Secondly, using your lead or your rear hand has varying effects. Use a level to make sure that the holes you are drilling are straight across the joists.

Mastering The Left Hook

Twist the eyebolt into the hole with your hand at first, and then tighten it with a wrench. It also allows you to pry your opponents guard away from their face when you bring your hand back. That was more of lunging hook. Speed will come naturally if your form improves. Crunch body up toward your toes, lifting your shoulder blades off the floor.

Watch my videos on the left hook. Don't twist so much that you fall over. By lowering grounding your weight with each punch instead of lifting it.

WARM-UP Skipping/Jumping Rope

Here s How To Perfect Your Hook In Boxing

It can if you do it right. Turn your thumb down to the ground as you extend your hand. Which was the technique of left hook that made frazier against mahoma mismo tuvo una ali?

Torch 400 Calories With This Boxing Workout You Can Literally Do Anywhere

The horizontal hook is less likely to injure your wrist and shoulder. Most people suggest mounting a heavy bag to the ceiling in a basement or garage. Instead, taking time out of my schedule to box acts as a weekly reminder to value myself.


One of the easiest ways to find a support beam is to use a stud finder. The good news is that the left hook can be taught. Most of the power comes from the legs and torso. Rehang the bag if the attachments appear weak or fragile.

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Shift your left foot onto the toe and twist rightward as if you are stamping out a cigarette. Joe Louis had a great left hook, the triple left hook he knocked down Max Baer with was a thing of beauty. Right hook will you do a artical on a proper right hook please.

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