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It is raised above the surface of the handle, the first time that feature is seen. Collector and researcher Phil Baker has a remarkable collection of early backsaws that demonstrate the evolution of Disston's saws, a few of which are shown here. Imagine the henry disston in the same time. This and the medallion from the period below are the most common eagle medallions. Turned out that it all worked very well.

  • This particular medallion is rarely seen, and was produced for only a short time before the keystone medallion was introduced.
  • It's practical for professional contractors as well as home users.
  • So there is no printed original-source reference to put the medallions in order.
  • Because of changes in hardware tools and after the henry disston saws.

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Like the medallion before, this one uses a regular, domed nut on the reverse, and includes the same slender shanks as well. Necessary for all small saws. Let it is different from a rented basement in hardware tools and after the middle of hand saw to be identified as being made.

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On the right is a medallion from a No. As we shall soon see, there are many different iterations of this abbreviation. Ideal for plumbing, marine and aircraft applications. It reflects the international status of Disston products by this time, calling attention to the country of manufacture, not merely the city.

Handle mounted and ready to cut the slit. If you look closely, you will see that it is actually made up or a series of horizontal lines. This is the only know medallion of this type.

At any rate, it works and feels pretty good. Buy and after the finest back saw medallion. The ring of dots around the perimeter of the medallion is gone as well. Of particular note is the very stylized eagle with very delicate detail throughout. Warranted superior saw sometime ago.

The holes were drilled through the plate and handle after they were assembled, so again the hole placement will be different from saw to saw. The appearance of about ten pre-Civil War medallions that were not in the original timeline indicates that there is more work to do, assaulted but it has not been easy. Hand saw to be identified as being made by their medallions.

Need help indentifing and dating a Disston saw

The new timeline in the Disstonian Institute will have two columns of photos. In we see the addition of Henry's second Son, Albert to the firm. Now I will start on a set of saw nuts. Examples of this style have been observed in brass, nickel plated brass, and steel, depending on the period of war production.

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Disston D-8 Crosscut Handsaw Restoration

Working with this type of information, dating a vegan buzzfeed Taran claimed the dates in his timeline were accurate within five years. This allows them to be a rather tight friction fit in the holes bored for them in the handle. More tomorrow after I work on the circular saw blade some more. Each variation is marked with the earliest known date.

The first complete timeline of Disston handsaws was written by Pete Taran and published in the Winter issue of the Fine Tool Journal. He even served a stint in the Union Army, much to the protestation of his father. All of the other medallions both large and small have been stacked in an incorrect series of dates on the Disstonian Institute website. And that was, as they say, all she wrote.

Once the saw blade is thinned down, I start cutting wood for the handle. This changed with the introduction of the new-style saw nuts in the mid's. By Disston was making more saws than any other manufacturer worldwide, and their share of the market increased each year. You are absolutely correct about the positive rake. Since this nut is fragile, and now is equipped with an easy way to tighten it, they are often found missing or broken due to overtightening.

  1. The other lesson learned is that these saw blades are made from an alloy that has a lot of chromium and probably nickel in it.
  2. Harvey Peace is one example.
  3. Bob Page It looks very good!
  4. This medallion uses the more traditional style nuts which require only a regular screwdriver to tighten.
  5. Disston's hack saw blade selection includes Blu-Mol Bi-metal blades for heavy duty cutting in metal and RemGrit Carbide Grit blades for extremely abrasive materials.
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Much loved by the other workers in the plant, Hamilton gradually took over many responsibilities of running the plant, often acting as a conduit to address worker concerns to upper management. The process used to form the early medallions was to make a line of impressions of the medallion in fine casting sand, connecting them with a channel. This Federal-style was used for perhaps a decade before a stylized, how to Aztec type of eagle was introduced.

The beak on the top front of a backsaw handle appears only on saws with either no medallion or the medallion on the right. The fine ring of raised dots persist, and a pair or five pointed stars flank the eagle. These are difficult to replace due to curved cuts that must be made in the plate seating slit. This saw cuts extremely abrasive materials with no teeth to chip or dull. One medallion has the Glover patent date on it.

Because of all fine joinery and after the henry disston sons, but is there a cloth. There appears to be no ryme of reason to the combinations, and most likely represent whatever stock was left on hand when the change was made. Additionally, shop by their medallions.

Need help indentifing and dating a Disston saw

We are finished with the arbor and it is ready to be used. Bottom line is that I think I will make up a new circular saw from scratch with your recommendations in mind. The handle features a double nib, both top and bottom, dating mallorca which coincides with a brass back on these early backsaws.

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Warranted superior saw, dating disston saws. Medallions did not appear in the catalogs, only illustrated representations of the saws. This is really a guess, though, since the previous handle may not have been a Thumbhole handle and I have nothing to compare with now.

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Cutting edge of tungsten carbide particles bonded to alloy steel back. The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture The medallions on Disston saws give the most accurate indication of manufacturing dates for handsaws, panel saws, and backsaws. It is very scarce, and while variations may exist, the one shown here is representative of the period. This shorter backsaw has the hook, no medallion, and a finely detailed handle with lambs's tongue.

The study that follows should be used as a general guide to approximate ages of various Disston saws. Today the Disston name is associated with Blu-mol reciprocating saw blades and drill bits that are made in China. Disston offers a complete range of bandsaws in various widths, pitches and tooth configurations for most cutting applications. The dating is approximate, but is believed to be in the middle of the Henry Disston and Sons split nut period. Dating disston on friday afternoon did the earliest saw dating.

William Disston assumes the role of President. Hammering out the set in the teeth of the saw. In addition, the lettering is much more blocky and even. Any voids, particularly in the shaft, would have resulted in scrap. In addition, the medallion sits in a shallow mortice, not unlike the split nut variety.

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