Dating puma white hunter knife, how to date puma knives

Knife Production Codes

Is this true, that Puma knives have a lifelong guarantee? Moreover we offer selected blades and beautiful leather sheaths for your favorite puma knives. Before we returned home, however, to save weight and loading-room on our truck, I used the back edge of the blade to chop off all thirty-two deer legs at the knee joints. Puma Germany is the original label made in Solingen. Under the guarantee every Puma knife must be repaired in our company.

Curved contour for cutting, slicing and skinning. To category Specialised Knives. Last, there is a short section of fine serrations ground into the back end of the cutting edge for parting string, rope, or other such materials. Brass rivets are then used to attach the scales to the tang. The coding system has changed throughout the years, amish dating but you can easily determine the year of your knife's manufacture through the company website or by knowing how to decipher the code.

Queen Knife Identification. Do you agree with the usage of cookies? And finally, the handle is burnished to a precise size and shape for optimal fit and function.

Dating puma white hunter

From every knife gets a unique number incl. It is an excellent knife in every aspect. We don't sell any spare parts like blades, springs or scales which are basic components of a knife. Remaining stocks of the old blades and springs are not available either. In the test a diamond tip is pressed into the blade under a specified load and the penetration depth is measured.

Once the cut is started by the serrations, the blade above takes over and finishes the stroke. This knife is a real eye-catcher, very well made and beautifully adorned with real staghorn scales. All I really know for sure is that when it comes to the world of cutlery, there exists a whole bunch of junky knives on the market. Can my Puma knife still be repaired? Those made after that year show only if they were made in the first or second half of the year.

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  • Please allow me to make a suggestion and share a bit of hard earned information with me.
  • If the repairs are being made under the guarantee, you will receive the knife back automatically after the repair.
  • The range of products represents classic cutlery in best handmade production.
  • Although this meant cleaning, skinning, and butchering all eight carcasses with my knife, I enjoyed doing it.
  • The company combines traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques.
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Amazon Associates Program WildernessToday. Today, Solingen is a thriving city with a population of approx. Please enter the number of your knife. In the case of repairs which are subject to payment, first you receive a cost estimate of the repairs, after receipt of payment the repair is carried out and your Puma knife is sent back. It is on the finger guard on Puma fixed blade knives.

To category Special Offers. Diamond tested for Rockwell hardness. The customer can choose between a wide range of fixed and pocket knives in classic or modern look and also a variety of different handle materials and scales. And the development and perfection of hunting and pocket knives was the next logical advance in a country where hunting has always enjoyed the status of a sport rich with tradition.

Puma white hunter

And thus, the Puma White Hunter has always represented the pinnacle of knife perfection for me. The White Hunter is one of them. It seems quite often, especially during the early and warmer part of our three month long hunting season, a hunter must skin out a whole trophy head to prevent spoiling.

Puma White Hunter Knife incl. sheath for sale
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How to Date Puma Knives

In Germany it is not legal to give a lifelong guarantee. Therefore the Mediterranean influence is obvious. You'll get a rough idea of when major Puma models came on the market.

In addition, by combining the broad tip with a recurved edge, a considerable amount of weight is placed well forward to aid with light chopping strokes. Honestly, I was amazed to see how easy and quick such job can be done. Tradition is a demanding taskmaster. Knives made prior to will show in which quarter of the year the knife was manufactured.

If your Puma knife doesn't have a control number, visit the company history page on Puma's U. Exceptions are screws for Puma knives with screwed metal handles, and inlays which are stuck in the scales. If you have ordered products online from us and have not received an order confirmation, please contact us immediately at info pumaknives. The curved line of the sharp edge of the White Hunter has the correct contour for all cutting, slicing and skinning strokes.

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To maintain and magnify a lore of perfection is a matter of pride, perseverance and adherence to long-established standards associated with a name and a product. In just a few years the White Hunter become a bestseller. In Africa, or wherever you hunt, you can rely on years-old Solingen tradition.

White Hunter

From sword blades to straight razors, shears and scissors was but a natural accompaniment to the march of the time and progress. Finest Indian Stag or Jacaranda wood handles. Unfortunately, app the new parts don't fit in the old knives any more.

All of them were developed in cooperation with forestry commissioner Walter Frevert. On Puma folding knives it is located on the pushing spring. All mentioned knives are for sale in our shop. Other trace elements such as manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and molybdenum are added to give the steel better structural strength and consistency by aligning the molecules more evenly during cooling. It also gives guard protection to the fingers.

Knife Production Codes

  1. Please understand that we do not accept any freight collect shipments.
  2. Yet, at the same time, the dropped point positions the tip closer to the center line of the knife where it is out of the way.
  3. But occasionally, you would run across a special store that had a display of German-made Puma knives.
  4. Selected Puma Knives for sale.
  5. In the last years the company extended their product line.

Now check your email to confirm your subscription. The diamond-like facets make this blade look as precious as a jewel. To category Hunting Knives.

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Likewise, date stamps indicate that the knife was made in the second half of that year. It has long set the standard for the ultimate hunting knife. Just take a tour through our assortment of different cutlery for sale in our shop. Sincerely yours, Henry Prante. Natural staghorn slabs are securely fitted to each side of the tang, dating services karratha giving a handle surface which will not slip under the wettest or coldest conditions.

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