Dating paperweights, how to identify an antique paperweight

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  • Shortly after that it moved to Clichy-la-Garenne, which gave the factory its best known name.
  • They often are produced to commemorate some person or event.
  • The bouquet is in blue and white, yellow, and pink.
  • Some of the weights also have fluted edges, making them quite decorative.

The text may be a name, a place, or a date. Clair, Lotton, rap good and Parabelle Glass. No chips or other cracks found on inspection. The inner ring contains eight millefiori canes alternating between yellow canes and red complex canes.

Identifying Twentieth Century Perthshire Paperweights

There are some wonderful complex canes in this paperweight. The picture is placed on a sulphide frame that rests on a multi-colored cushion of glass bits. Louis scrambled millefiori paperweight.

Paperweights - Antique Paperweights For Sale

The bottom is fire finished with remnants of the pontil mark. Most authors agree with the Clichy attribution, but there are some authors who attribute the paperweight to Baccarat in France and even to the New England Glass Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Get three or four good books that stress identification and read them slowly and thoroughly until you really understand them. Amber and white canes form an eight-point star.

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There are six side facets and a top facet. The portrait paperweights contained pictures of ordinary people reproduced on a milk glass disk and encased within clear glass. After abdicating the post of Governor-President he was effectively under house arrest until he was allowed to leave the Ottoman Empire in September on the American frigate Mississippi. There are four rubber bumps that a previous owner has placed on the base.

Collecting guide paperweights

Look up paperweight in Wiktionary, love sex the free dictionary. Specialist Will Strafford supplies the answers. He was appointed to this position after the declaration of Hungarian independence from the Hapsburg Monarchy.

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This example contains an interesting assortment of Baccarat canes. Ample glass and this paperweight could be restored if so desired. Modern weights have been made from about to the present. There are scratches and small chips on the body and chips on some of the facets, but no cracks and no impact marks. Popular lore attributes this paperweight and others like it to a Mr.

How To Identify An Antique Paperweight
Dating paperweights

One noticeable bubble in the glass. He demanded parliamentary government for Hungary and constitutional government for the rest of Austria. Mary Haberstroh lives in Tucson, Arizona and she is a collector of millefiori paperweights. Specialist Carina Villinger shares her insights. However, the attribution is subject to challenge and the precise origin of this sulphide paperweight remains elusive.

The profile is low, possible as the result of another restoration in the past. Clichy paperweights with rose canes are especially desirable. The United States has a number of museums exhibiting outstanding paperweight collections. Scrambled weights were also made, imitating the nineteenth century Baccarat and Clichy paperweights. It is possible that it has been cut down or that the intended purpose was different e.

It is a folk weights made by the glass worker in his free time and often given away. Most of these areas are now parts of the western Czech Republic. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. There is a central bubble in each flower. The second ring consists of fifteen purple eight lobed florets.

Dating paperweights

Perthshire closed their factory in but many of their paperweights are readily available through modern paperweight collector sites and auction sites like eBay. Similar paperweights have are on display in the museum in Lauscha and are identified as being from Lauscha in Thuringia. Identifying Nineteenth Century Sandwich Paperweights. An interesting and rare type of paperweight. Probably made by the Friedrich Egermann glassworks.

  1. This wonderful antique Clichy concentric millefiori paperweight has a classic arrangement of two concentric rings of complex millefiori around a purple pastry mold cane.
  2. The previous owner added four plastic bumps to the base.
  3. No collector or scholar ever met Mr.
  4. Some of the paperweights had a cobalt blue background, possibly in the style of Bristol, England, glass weights.

No cracks or major damage. These are usually made in a factory setting. This is a form particularly favored by studio artists. The inner ring has eleven green and white roses. The pattern is arranged over a white spiral filigree cushion ground.

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Small object used to prevent papers from moving. The outer ring has an alternating pattern of five large red canes and ten smaller green and white canes. There are some striations within the glass and one small stone or stray piece of latticinio. There is wear consistent with the age of the paperweight on the base ring.

How To Identify An Antique Paperweight


It is made up of a mix of wonderful complex and simple millefiori canes. It was difficult to photograph this paperweight due to the brilliance of the glass. Most likely from Silesia or Thuringia.


Dating paperweights
Glass Paperweight Paperweights - Allan s Paperweights

This wonderful antique Clichy concentric millefiori paperweight has a classic arrangement of three concentric rings of complex millefiori around a blue pastry mold cane. Although still produced today, their heyday was before the classic period. Although this style of paperweight has been documented and is in a number of collections, the makers are not known with certainty. This means reading them once and skimming them two or three times, studying the pictures. As is typical of millefiori from this period, the canes are very miniaturized and some are poorly executed.

This type of fracture is, unfortunately, fairly common in plaque weights of that period. Armed with this knowledge, Brocard was influential in the revival of paperweight making at Baccarat in the s. The precise origin of this sulphide paperweight remains elusive. There are some bubbles in the glass. The bottom is ground concave.

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