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One more recent change is the usage of German Spruce and Alpine maple. Now that the spec questions seemed to have been answered by more than one reliable source, I just need to figure out if there's any way to determine date of production. At the high end are exquisite artworks by recognized masters. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Not a problem, makerere university dating raised the action back up a hair and all was good.

Where are Kentucky mandolins made

It takes me a few days to adapt to a particular instrument and get a feel of the best attack. Finishes are especially important. The bridge is adjustable via thumbwheels and has a compensated saddle for improved intonation.

  1. Mine was in tight, but be careful with these.
  2. There is no bling whatsoever-ever on this mandolin and I have no problem with the simple appointments or lack thereof.
  3. Things start to change when we halve that number.
  4. Unfotunately I didn't find a date on either one.

Mandolins of an unusual shape are more identifiable and often more valuable. They may be able to answer your question. They kept no records of serial numbers and years.

Mandolins Tanglewood Guitars

For example, Gibson mandolins have been made in completely separate production lines in Michigan, Montana, and now Tennessee. Just give me a call tomorrow. They work, and I suppose thats good enough!

Older models of KM-150

Antique and Vintage Mandolins

There are so many other changes. Aggressive Playing Plays like butter! Now they do differ depending on the year. Music or Elderley Instruments.

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These mandolins are generally very consistent and often use just as much or more handwork than individual makers. They may host either twin F holes or an oval hole. Most important, common dating site usernames mandolins require careful setup to get them playing well.

Kentucky km S Mandolin

Kentucky KM Mandolin Review

Any finish will tend to take out some of the richness of the bass and thin out the treble range. The tuners are of average grade. These were bowl backs that reined as the popular style of the time.

Everything else was more than cut above the production models. Something I find with a new instrument. Classical and orchestra players like either F or A style instruments with oval sound holes. Perhaps Stan Jay recalls the detail whether it had a pressed or carved top. The case is a box type rectangle plush lined hard case.

Kentucky km 180S Mandolin

Not necessarily better or worse, but different. All Eastman mandolins have thin, hand brushed varnish. However, it often takes a bit of examination to better determine an accurate value. Dry Bluegrass Tone The tone leans toward the dry side and has that low woof to it.

How to Determine the Value of a Vintage Mandolin

It's very likely the serial numbers were sequential rather than including some sort of dating code in them. We are reviewing every model Kentucky makes! For those that prefer a cast tailpiece, The Kentucky has a standard screw pattern meaning it could be easily upgraded. Brian, I never owned a Kentucky, but I would pick up catalogs to try to decide what I'd like and never threw them out.

Shopping mistakes Shoppers in the commodity age generally have a difficult time telling products at a given price level apart. It does play nicely though. But still at the top of the A model Factory line of their mandolins. Setup Most mandolins shipped to dealers are partially set up. Keep in mind that the model, make, year made, condition of the instrument, originality, scarcity, market demand and playability all factor in to what your mandolin is worth.

Brian, glad you are happy with your mandolin. Here is some more info from the web site. The top end instruments bearing a brand may be completely different from the entry level instruments. No response from an email to Saga. Second, mandolins require setup and careful tweeking.

Oval hole or F holes F hole archtop mandolins tend to have a focused, strongly projecting punch. Two point models also exist, but in much lesser numbers. The best finishes are thin, relatively soft, and highly flexible.

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Buy Mandolins

Our Eastman mandolins use hide glue. Many dealers appear to sell mandolins as they arrive, with weak strings, poorly fitted bridges, nuts very high, unlubricated tuners, and all too often with unadjusted truss rods or uneven frets. Two point mandolins have some of the decorate points of the F style, giving a bit more mass at the neck joint and impacting the tone somewhat.

Called Mandolin Brothers twice, but Stan Jay wasn't available, but I was able to get the following info from the helpful folks at Elderly. See if information on the model comes up, such as year of manufacture, dating real and see if there's any information on how valuable the instrument might be. He may be able to shed further light on the subject.

  • Six things you didn't know about Kentucky!
  • The F holes give a crisp, clear tone while the oval hole gives a warm, supple tone.
  • Check aesthetic features like the shape of the pickguard, the tailpiece cover and inlays or ornaments.
  • The larger frets allow for clean fretting and I prefer this to the smaller frets of the past version and many other mandolins.
  • Also, a great idea to give Stan Jay a call.

Kentucky Mandolin Company

Finding a mandolin that meets your needs can enhance your music and your life. And it interferes with future fingerboard work. Having played a good deal of high end mandolins, I can say that this is real close.

On the other hand, raw wood picks up dirt and oils from playing, becoming soggy sounding. This started in and is an example of the ongoing improvements that happen. At the low end are laminated boxes produced by pressing plywood into arched plates. How to Value Antique Iron Skillets. But it is surprisingly good!

Maybe scared to get that first scratch. Condition, year of production, history of model, etc. Actually, I would rate somewhere between good and great.

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Generally, the older a musical instrument, the more valuable it is. Sent an email to Saga a week or so ago with no response thus far. Thats how many all solid mandolins are made.

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