Dating emerson fans, how to identify an antique electric fan

  • Almost immediately he faced fierce competition due to the commercial success of the ceiling fan.
  • Earlier Emersons used a different wiring schematic so be sure to pick the appropriate diagram.
  • Hunter fans have very quiet motors and are excellent air movers.
  • The motor tag remained of plain brass with all the data stamped in it.
  • These coils just fell out when I was inspecting and cleaning the motor.

Ceiling fan

The poor thing has survived being submerged at some point in it's life. Concentric Chrome cage with freshly finished, gloss-white aluminum blades. The motor bearings have no issues. Thank you for visiting my web site. Literally hundreds of antique and vintage fans were on display and on the sales tables.

Emerson fans are legendary for their longevity and reliability, and this fan is no exception. As they grew they began to manufacture small household appliances such as irons, toasters, waffle irons, and fans. Like all Hunter desk fans, this one is excellent for daily use and I usually use it at work. Sweet, sweet fans for sure. The base was about a half inch taller then the older smooth base.

The brass screws, nut and oscillating wheel were polished. That is all the information given. Can anyone help me with where to obtain a diagram of how to wire the switch in?

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The fan shown here is an early with a porcelain speed switch. The five speeds put these models in the running for favorite fan. You might find more information on the Antique Fan Collectors Post forum if you post with your request.

The larger fans had no date code. Looking behind the cage badge you will see the brass disc used for the past few years which is held in place by the small crimps around the outside of the rear of the badge. On several occasions the code is overstamped with the next number. This thing sounds like a Formula-One Car when it gets wound up.

Ceiling Fans

All wiring is within the base going up to the motor which is a rigid part of the motor casting. It's the case on most antique fans, and most industrial fans. It has been interesting reading. Perimeter vent holes, beefier struts mounted to cast in bosses, trunnion tags become even longer.

How To Identify An Antique Electric Fan

Both of these models are killer, imo. For a small vintage electric fan it does blow a nice breeze. The oscillating mechanism is hidden entirely inside the bullet rear cover.

It is running very fast in fact but the speed switch does not change the speed. What do you think boys and girls? Restored examples in this color are absolutely stunning, and often make the fan look like it is made from white chocolate.

Antique fans Old fan Fan

30 Best Emerson Fans History images in
Ceiling fan


You might pry one away from someone who bought from the first batch and would be willing to sell an unused switch. Unlike modern rotary fans, these punkah fans move air by moving to and from, and were operated manually by cord. The fan blade hub screws onto the rotor, which rotates on this hollow shaft, which is filled with oil from the single oil port on the fan's back.

  1. Let's not forget the applied color label acl soda bottles.
  2. In this case, the blade should be pitched to the right or left if the motor spins clockwise for downdraft, and left or right if the motor spins clockwise for updraft.
  3. It's one of the later versions.
  4. Good luck and get that pancake finished up and running, they are among the neatest fans ever.
  5. Pyramid badge Built to Last c.
  6. It is done in a hammerer Copper color along with hand painting the Art Deco lines in Silver.

How to Identify Antique Table Fans

An oil return collar was now press fitted to the front of the motor in front of the bearing to catch oil thrown from the grooves on the blade hub and direct it back into the top of the oiler. Motor housings are sleeker now without the dome in the rear cover. Among it's features it boasts Parker blades and includes a bullet added to the rear of the fan to hide the oscillator and give the fan a sleeker, more streamline look.

Antique Electric Fans - Buying Vintage Fans

Some finish chipping on motor, and virtually none on base. Forged looking high handles. Any idea what year this would be? No thumbscrew to swivel it, but it has some sort of friction washer where the yoke meets the base. Unique to these two years was a fancy cast and nickel plated name plate on the rear of the motor.

New for 2019

This is another excellent fan for daily use. The very bottom rim of the base is much narrower than on the fully ribbed base models. Late models have a half ribbed base and the eight wire cages and stamped brass blade hubs start to show up.


Air Apparent
Vintage Emerson Fans

Wobbling is not affected by the way in which the fan is mounted or the mounting surface. The motor was disassembled, cleaned, inspected, dating divas truth or dare windings were revarnished and motor was oiled. The first pancakes from through the middle of had a single speed motor. This fan also features Parker blades.

Blades have been balanced for minimum vibration. Was even spotlessly clean on the inside. It's most likely not under warranty if your ordering parts.

None of my Emerson bulletins mention anything pertaining to this fan dating system. While the company phased out the Northwind and Emerson Jr. Good luck with your big old Emerson.

Ceiling Fan Emerson fan Ceiling fans
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