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To enroll in a classroom-based course, students should contact an approved course provider. If you plan to only provide classroom training, you are not required to submit this form. Instead of spending even more time stuck in a classroom, you'll get to learn in an environment and at a pace that best suits your needs.

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Join other drivers all across Indiana in learning how to be a safe, responsible driver! All certificates are emailed no later than Friday of every week.

Learn Indiana traffic laws the fun way with streaming videos and animations. Contact the following university to complete the instructor training requirement.

First time driving with instructors can be inconvenient for students, as these courses are only offered in certain locations and at certain times of the day. Frequently Asked Questions.

What do you have to lose besides those points on your driving record? Our course helps you learn quickly and easily, using state-specific questions and easy-to-understand answers. How long do I have to work on the course?

We believe the art of driving is continually learned as you drive more. Behind the Wheel Curriculum Standards. Students can only work up to three hours in one day.

Taking drivers ed is a smart decision that pays off every time you drive. The certificate affirms that the teen has completed the necessary drivers ed training. Low Course Price Affordable for all drivers!

However, those courses are not regulated by the state, and curriculums may change from provider to provider. Drivers who complete a drivers ed course in another state and relocate to Indiana may be required to complete the course again. Safe and responsible driving practices. No you are required to have the behind the wheel with a licensed instructor. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram.

Good thing our Indiana driver education program prepares you for it! To put it simply, we're the drivers ed authority. Welcome to Teen Driver Education's Indiana teen driving course! Indiana Driver Education Contract. Obtain your Indiana learners permit and start practicing.

Lower prices for a limited time. In addition, teens who complete the course may be eligible for a car insurance discount from their provider. Additionally, the six hours of driving practice must be comleted with a certified driving instructor, not a parent.

Drivers ed prices in Indiana vary considerably. In our years of experience helping teach drivers just like you, we have learned a thing or two about what our students like and what they need. Teens in Indiana who complete a drivers ed course should receive a certificate of completion. Our Indiana teen drivers ed course teaches you to prevent and handle dangerous situations on the road.

All certificates are emailed no later than Friday of each week. If you already have a DriversEd.

How old do I have to be to begin the behind the wheel? You will need to bring your permit and behind the wheel contract. Some providers offer discounts to those who have successfully completed an approved drivers ed course.

Indiana Private Driving Contract. If you do not call to let us know you are ready for the behind the wheel you will not be contacted. Rather than meeting at a particular time and place, students can study on their own time.

Indiana drivers education course completion is required to obtain a learners permit within the state and begin behind-the-wheel training. Is driver education required for me?

It is an optional course that teens can take to increase their chances of passing their driving exam. How many hours can I drive in one day? Recognizing and responding to hazards. To find out if a particular course qualifies for a discount, teens and their parents should inquire with their insurance providers. Have your driving privileges already been suspended?

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There are no exceptions to this. If you wish to mail a check or money order you can, however you will not be able to begin drives until we have that payment. In this case we will provide your refund in the form of a check, this will be mailed and made out to the person who made the payment.

How will I know when I can start the course? That depends on your individual pace. My certificate has not come by email yet. How old do I have to be to start driver education? Indiana Teen Behind the Wheel.

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Why waste your time taking your Indiana defensive driving course in a classroom? This is because classroom courses typically require much more resources, such as an instructor, brooktrout trufax 200e drivers a space to rent and a car for students to drive.

You can even take the course on your Smart Phone. Avoid distracted driving We talk about it a lot and for good reason. Collisions can cost money and lives. You can rest assured that you will receive the credit you deserve for completing our course. The entire application must be completed in order to process your request.

Completing an approved driver education course allows a teen to access a probationary license as soon as possible. The forms provided above are current based on the date of writing.

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