How to Choose the Best Driver

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One of the keys to choosing the right driver is that it must look good to you when you rest it on the ground at address. Adjustable drivers allow you to make infinite tiny changes to the lie, the loft, and more, and make tiny tweaks to how these dynamics work together. Drivers come with stationary or adjustable loft options, and if you are fairly new to golf or inconsistent with your swing speed, an adjustable head could be the best investment. Tell the local pro you are about to purchase a driver and that you want to try out the different types and models. First, the golf club bends as the golfer transitions to the downswing.

If your one booming drive in ten is a slice but the other nine were worm burners, you should focus on improving trajectory before addressing that banana ball. Just an overall great looking line up. The result is a higher launch and generally more carry distance. Look at the loft on the driver.

In this guide we will help you understand how to choose the best driver shaft for your game. From a pure performance standpoint, it is important that you choose a driver that you feel most comfortable swinging. Just choose wisely, microsoft enhanced point and print compatibility driver xp and allow your swing speed and current ball flight to be the main factors in your decision. Go with the driver that feels the most comfortable when you swing it.

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They should consider choosing a graphite shaft which will be whippier and help them get more distance off the tee. Lower lofts are usually better for those who have high swing speeds and more skill. Look for a club that suits your game. Actual graphite is pure carbon with its molecules arranged in fragile crystalline sheets of hexagons. The result is often a game-wrecking duck hook.

These shafts have the most flex available in any given line of golf club shafts. The answer to that question depends on swing speed. It stands to reason that the same swing will produce a faster clubhead speed with a lighter implement, and tests have borne this out. They do this because a stiff shaft gives them more control over the clubhead throughout the swing.

With the heel leading the way, the face is open relative to the address position. The gram version lightens the load for faster clubhead speeds, while the heavier gram shaft improves ball control.

Shot dispersion is a major concern for average golfers, most of whom tend to slice the ball. So swing temp and swing speed work together to determine which shaft flex options will suit a particular golfer, but there is still another swing characteristic to consider.

How to Choose a Golf Driver

Choose a driver golf

Too much flex can cause the face to close violently through impact, resulting in a low, screaming hook. Best for slow swingers who want high trajectory with impeccable feel. If you need more distance, look for the whippiness that a graphite club provides. You may like the way the oversized graphite club looks in the rack, but it may feel uncomfortable when you swing it. There is not much of a decision to be made when it comes to the material of choice in a driver shaft.

For some others the problem miss is a hook. Shallow faced clubs have become very popular in the last couple of years. Go to a driving range to find out which club best suits your game.

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If the face flexes, the thought is that it will rebound, launching the ball at a higher speed, equating to more distance. They also increase clubhead speed naturally, so they can add yards to drives. This category was once called Senior S flex, but A flex has become its standard demarcation. Here, you must ask yourself what your miss is.