Auxiliary hookup for factory radio, adding satellite radio

If your head unit was like mine then you'll want to unplug the smaller group of cords in the back. This custom harness allows a simple installation without any wire cutting or splicing. After you're all hooked up you'll find that you need a place in the immediate vicinity to store the input box.

Be sure to squeeze the release mechanisms on the connectors before pulling the wiring from the outlets if your vehicle is equipped with that feature. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. The harnesses described below offer some alternative ways to connect.

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Posts are very meaningful to me. To install the terminals, you will need a crimp tool. If you have any questions, dating website called tender you can email me at ray kawal.

  • On the back of the blank square was some plastic molding for whatever button I didn't buy that was getting in the way so I just used pliers to snap them off.
  • Otherwise you can leave it loose and available for connection.
  • If not, then a quick search online will show how to do it on your particular car.
  • Pull the tools outward to engage the mechanism for removal.
  • Click here for main website.

However, the steps you have presented over here are workable and eagerly waiting for your next article. Here are some additional photos of the harness and the connectors. If you can't reach the clip with your fingers a flat head screwdriver does the trick nicely. Later on I also had to move my shift lever since it's attached to the steering column so I set the emergency brake too.

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Lift your vehicle's hood to access the battery. As you can see there was one spot where I couldn't reach the clip so I used my Leatherman to unlatch it. On the left, above, refrigerator ice maker is the Aux In jack mounted in the console.

Cheap crimpers you find in most auto part stores won't do the job. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Some head units will probably be a bit different from this especially if they're not stock, but from my experience it's usually pretty obvious. Is there a simple fix for this?

The adapter plug into the factory radios from most and up vehicles. On certain vehicles disconnecting the battery will reset the stereo unit especially if it is a factory unit causing you to have to enter a code before the unit will work again. The shorter cable can be run directly from the radio or Nav unit to the jack location, thereby hiding the cable and protecting it as well. Other wise I would look at buying a cheaper radio that already has a line-in.

So all that's left to do is mount the toggle switch, make a hole for the cord, and put the face of the dashboard back on. You can either use Paypal to my email address or send me a check or money order. This is a security feature used to help deter thieves. Tighten the cable's clamp using the screwdriver. Pull the binder from the stereo.

Close the hood and return to the inside of the vehicle to test the installation. Simply unplug the matching cord from your head unit into the receiving end of the input box cord. Disconnect the wiring connected to the back of the stereo. Email me with your complete shipping address, and I will fabricate a complete harness and ship it to you as soon as I receive your payment. Is this still possible to do?

  1. If you have your owners manual that would be the first place to check.
  2. In my Suburban it just required gripping it hard on one end and slowly pulling it off.
  3. Place the negative battery cable lamp back around the vehicle's negative battery terminal.
  4. Excellent pictures and very clear instructions!
  5. Here are some more photos of the custom harness.

This alternative is basically the same harness, but using different connectors to allow connection at the back of the radio. The adapter will be clearly marked to show where the proper connections are to be made. But again, I have not tested this option myself. After your spot is all prepared simply screw on the locking washer, washer, and nut tightly then move on to the remaining mini jack cord.

Replace the negative battery cable onto the negative battery lead. This feature allows you to enter destinations while you are moving. Today the modern cars are equipped with advanced technological features that outsmart the old cars in every sense. For Canada and other international shipments, please see the International shipping prices below the harnesses on the Ordering Page. Ideally, standards in dating it should be mounted perhaps on the side trim panel shown below.

Connect a smartphone to your car stereo

Adding Satellite Radio

There would be no need for a wiring harness adapter in this case. This is a bit neater solution because the cable is shorter and mounting the jack will usually require removal of the center console anyway. Okay, here's the fun part. Connect the wiring from the Ford to a wiring harness adapter.

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How to Add AUX to a CD Player

How to Add AUX to a CD Player

Adding an AUX input-port to your factory radio

As you pull the dash off be careful to not just rip it off as most of the cords to the buttons are clipped on the back. Items you will need Wrench Wiring harness adapter. Some Vette owners have had success with this option, but I have not tried this myself.

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Adding an auxiliary input to your Ford stereo will allow you to connect external sources to the vehicle's audio system. Can you tell me exactly which auxiliary input box you purchased? You will need an auxiliary input to your audio system to take advantage of these great features. Aux audio input converter lets you add an additional digital audio source to your Factory stock radio.

This is usually very easy since most dashboards just snap right in. If you don't have one, click here for a suggested tool from Ballenger Motor Sports. Move the cable away from the battery to prevent shorting the electrical system during the installation.

The code may or may not be specific to each unit. The speaker wires will be bundled in a white plastic wire binder. Did you make this project? If there is not sufficient space, stow the transmitter in the glove box. Loosen the bolt that holds the negative battery cable on the negative battery terminal with a wrench.

See the repair manual for installation procedures. When I receive your Paypal payment or check, I will email you to let you know I received payment and again when I ship. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Locate the lead adapters for auxiliary components either labeled on the adapter or diagrammed in the adapter's manual.

Auxiliary Input Adapters

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If you have any questions, cold please email me at ray kawal. Here are some photos of Les Wilson's Aux Jack installation. Click here for Ordering Information.

Aux hookup for factory radio

Most amateurs tend to disregard paying attention to how expensive the auto parts are when they buy a car. Any mistake in connecting the wire may make the stereo system damaged hence need to be careful for it. Alright, now that you've got the face of the dashboard off, and your head unit out it's time to plug your new toys in.

Corvette Aux Input

Auxiliary audio input adapter to Your Car Stereo aux not FM

How to Add an AUX Input to a Ford Auto Stereo
Auxiliary Input Adapters

Please send me another explanation at klodian. However, there needs to be some option for a second input. Current smartphones are capable of both music storage and wireless Bluetooth audio streaming from either stored music or from apps like Pandora. The patch cable with a stereo plug on each end will connect the jack to your music device.

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