How Credit Insurance Will Make Your Business More Profitable

You are in business to make profit, to drive margin not turnover. There are only three ways in which you can achieve this and Credit Insurance will help you with all of them. Credit Insurance ticks all the What’s In It For Me boxes for any B2B company selling on credit terms. It will make you more profitable by helping you sell more making you more efficient and cutting your costs. Bold claims you might think and you would be right but they are claims that can be substantiated so read on.

Credit insurance helps you sell more

Your options for making more sales are to sell more to existing customers or to start selling to new customers. So what’s stopping you? Essentially, it boils down to this are they good for the money.

You know what your clients have been good, but what do you know about their ability to handle larger credit lines?

With new customers, you can

A Helpful Guide to Jumbo Mortgage Loans

The market for home loans is extremely large and offers a huge variety of products. The jumbo mortgages are among the less conventional options that you will find. Learn more about them to decide whether such a loan will be right for you.


The jumbo mortgage loans get their name from the fact that they have larger principal amounts than the limits set by the companies, which are sponsored by the government to buy such products from lenders. At present, any home loan with principal of over $417,000 is considered to fall into the jumbo category. Still, most products in the category offer financing of $750,000 or higher. The financing can reach $8 million and possibly more.

Down Payment

Mortgage insurance is not available for these loans. For this reason, most lenders require down payment of at least 20%. Just like with all other home loans, making a larger down payment will help you secure lower interest.



Are Cash Advance Lenders Part of Your Financial Philosophy?

What is your financial philosophy? It’s always good to have some rule of thumb when dealing with debt management. In order to keep your finances on an even keel you should have some basic strategies set in place. Focus your attention on a balanced budget, low debt totals and saving for future needs. How does one do this if they have already racked up loads of credit card and short-term cash advance lenders debt?

Some financiers would suggest that you cut up all but one credit card. Others would tell you to hide all but one. Closing accounts will not help your credit score. You could always do that much later on. Spread them out over time as cancelling cards ruins a credit utilization score – especially if there is maxed credit limits. it is important to save one for emergencies. Pay off any debt on it so it is there ready to go in a crisis. It is not

Overcome by Debt – A Struggle to Just Get By

I grew up watching my mother struggle through life, caught up in the rat race, working 24/7 just for the money to be gobbled up at the end of the month by debts. I remember the days my mother would hide in her bedroom and ask us to lie to the man from the furniture shops that she was not home, I remember the constant moving in the middle of the night to avoid the landlord and rent payments, how she struggled to put food on the table, how sometimes we would dine on soft porridge with no sugar. It went so bad that I at one point I promised myself that when I started working I would never owe anyone or anything.

Silly promise that turned out to be. Should have known better than to judge grown ups. Funny how when you are a child things are so simple, things are either black or white, right or wrong, but

Why Only 1% of the Population Can Afford to Retire?

I’m reading a book at the moment where the author’s parents had a goal to save $1 million by retirement age, and they did it.

The problem was they bought a farm, and they couldn’t maintain it, due to their age-related medical costs. Their increasing medical costs rapidly eroded their $1 million savings. Eventually, they had to sell the farm and move into a smaller place which cost $70 000 a year, further eroding their savings. So this is why so many people struggle to have a good quality of life post-retiring.

This is not supposed to frighten you, it is simply a way to show you much money is required to live without income following retirement.

How Much Are You Costing?

Take out a clean piece of paper.

At the top write down your present cost of living (in a year).

E.g. work out how much money you spend in a month (e.g. House, Food, Cars, Holidays, Medical, Insurance